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A Smart Door Lock is a must for today’s society. 

Door locks are the first determinants of how secure and well protected your home is. They are part of
the essence of living in a house, we cannot live in houses where the entrance is not secured. Even after
using doors, we need door locks to use the door completely. We need door locks so that we can
effortlessly pass but keep intruders shut. Door locks keep our properties and family safe.

According to the Wikipedia, A lock is a mechanical electronic fastening device that is released by a
physical object( such as key, keycard, fingerprint, RFID card, security token, coin, etc.) by supplying
secret information( such as number or letter permutation or password) or by combination thereof or
only being able to be opened from one side such as a door chair.

Several people don’t see door locks as anything special or important since we use them almost
everywhere and every day. When we go in and out of the house, the kitchen, the toilet, our cars,
eateries, offices, classrooms, etc these door locks are the first thing we use, but regular use has made
people think they are less significant until we can not gain entry to our destination.

These door locks have different mechanisms of operation no matter how simple or complex the locks
are. Door locks can be simply put into two categories: mechanical and electronic but in recent years,
the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things has brought fingerprints and
voice records can open doors. However, these are secret information that gives entrance to the house.

Considering the importance of a door lock, we have varieties and different types from different
manufacturers designed in different ways to suit our taste for security from security reasons to make a
stylish first impression. Yes, our door locks reveal a part of our personality so we definitely have to
give our door locks great interest.

The door locks consist of the lock body, bolt( deadbolt) and latches(spring latches), boxes, and strike
plates. These components work effortlessly to keep the lock bolt shut and prevent the locked door
from being opened forcefully. Good quality door deserves befitting door locks to open and close the
door. Doors and door locks are significant in keeping us and our belongings safe while protecting our
privacy. When choosing a door lock, there are some important factors to watch out for.

  • Security: Your door lock is the main obstruction between you and intruders, so when
    choosing a door lock choose ones that will give high security as this reduces the risk of forced
  • Privacy: One of the important essences of using door and door lock is privacy. Even around
    the house, we need some privacy to ourselves, secure door locks come handy in such
  • Locking mechanism: When choosing a door lock, you must choose the ones that you are
    comfortable with and understand very well to prevent being locked out in case of
    forgetfulness, malfunction, damage, or emergencies.
  • Technique: Door locks are available in different tones and glazes. These locks give an
    impression of your personality when selecting a door lock to choose ones that suit your taste!

In this article, we bring along the best products you can ever find.

In depth Reviews of top Products

1. LOCKLY secure pro | bluetooth fingerprint WiFi keyless entry smart door lock (PGD728W) Paternal keypad | 3D fingerprint reader | IOS and android compatible ( deadbolt, satin nice)
2. YALE Assure lever connected by August WiFi/Bluetooth touch screen lever lock - works with August app, Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Home kit(Siri), Airbnb and satin nickel
3. SCHLAGE wncode WiFi deadbolt with camelot trim in satin nickel ( BE489WB CAM619)
4. AUGUST WiFi smart lock 4th Generation (silver)
5. ULTRALOQU- bolt prob smart lock + bridge WiFi adaptor, 6 in 1 keyless entry door lock with WiFi, bluetooth, biometric fingerprint and keypad, smart door lock front door, deadbolt lock edition
6. WEJUPIT V8 keyless entry door lock, smart fingerprint stainless steel touch screen with electronic keypads, spare key, two factor authentication, digital biometric auto lock (left handle)
7. KAADAS L7-5 lever smart lock, keyless, touch pad, fingerprint and password + RFID card + key (obsidian black)

Table of content

1. Criteria Used for Evaluation
2. Frequently Asked Questions

Luckily offers easy to use smart locks solutions that are meticulously designed featuring the highest level of security available. It's patented PIN Genie Technology ensures that the digital keypad display is unique every time someone moves toward your door. With this, you can control who comes, goes, and has door passage just with your smartphone from anywhere. It also allows you to create access codes for your family and friends.

  • Advanced fingerprint sensor
  • A secured digital keypad
  • An offline access code( No need to worry when you have exhausted your mobile data)
  • Easy installation( you need just a screwdriver and 15 minutes to install)
  • Connect from your phone


  • It connects with Alexa and Google's assistant
  • It can store up to 99 unique fingerprints
  • Connects to bluetooth and WiFI
  • Comes with a 2 physical backup key
  • Uses patented PIN genie technology which makes it impossible for intruders to guess your pin
  • It stores all access history.


  • This product contains DEHP and other chemicals known to cause cancer, reproductive harm, or birth defects

This door knob comes with a door knob or lever that fits with a single hole. It can automatically unlock as soon as you are close to the door via Bluetooth. The door lock works with Alexa, Google assistant and Home kit (Siri) making it possible to lock and unlock using your voice. The lock had a backlit keypad so even when you don't have your phone, you can unlock your door without worrying.

  • It provides key free access to your home
  • Shares access not list
  • You can unlock it with your voice assistant
  • Saves enough time for other activities


  • It unlocks as you approach the house and locks behind you after entry
  • It is very easy to install
  • It fits into most standard doors
  • You will receive notifications of what happens around your house
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It is only compatible with doors without deadbolt

It's built in WiFi allows you to lock and unlock with no additional accessories required. It pairs with the Schlage Home App or keys by Amazon to create access codes for trusted family and friends. It's built in alarm technology detects potential security breaches, it's battery indicator offers warning for battery replacement.

  • It is fingerprint resistant
  • It works with Amazon Alexa
  • It is easy to install


  • It is guaranteed for any standard door
  • Has a 3 year electronic warranty
  • Lock your door from anywhere by connecting to your home WiFi
  • You can change code remotely


  • It may not possess auto lock functions

The August WiFi smart lock (4th generation) and August app allows you to remotely lock and unlock your door, check door status, who comes in and out of your house. It is connected with built-in WiFi, the August WiFi smart lock is easy to install and attaches to your existing deadbolt.

  • It requires no additional hardware
  • It is a key that works anywhere
  • It works with Alexa
  • It easily attaches to your existing deadbolt
  • 45% smaller in size compared to the other models


  • No need to bother about your keys
  • It is simple, smart and secure
  • You can grant limited access to friends, family or services to determine when they leave and arrive with August activity feed
  • Auto lock and unlock


  • You can't control it remotely without WiFi

Ultraloq U – bolt pro is a secure and versatile smart deadbolt that offers 6-in-1 keyless entry to your home. The bridge upgrade allows controlled entry to your home while you're away from home.

  • Keyless entry with fingerprint identification
  • You can unlock anytime from anywhere
  • 6-in-1 keyless entry smart lock: fingerprint, anti- peep keypad, smartphone, auto unlock, shake to open, mechanical key
  • You can share e- key and code to family and friends
  • It works with Alexa


  • Monitor and control all activities remotely
  • If allowed a maximum of 120 fingerprints
  • It uses a micro USB for emergency power
  • It has dual data encryption
  • DIY installation


  • It may not work with a ring alarm
  • It requires 4 AA batteries

With this smart door lock you worry less about losing your keys as it uses fingerprint, passcode and mechanical key entry.

  • It uses a fingerprint touchscreen
  • It has a secure mechanical key
  • Made of an anti rust stainless steel shell
  • Advanced security access method
  • Anti duplicated fingerprint


  • It can store up to 200 fingerprints making it ideal for classrooms, offices, homes, restaurants etc
  • With it you can set a temporary password for visitors and deactivate it shortly after they leave
  • It can distinguish between fake and real fingerprints


  • Possess irreversible left handle
  • Two people are required to unlock the door

This has a simple and fashionable design of lever, built for our utmost convenience. It has a smart function and can be applied wherever the direction of the door opening is. The body and handle is designed with full attention to details. It is fast and quick as it uses a feature where some letters and numbers are added to the user password for extra security. It works with advanced technology and you need not worry about a malfunctioning screen.

  • Possess a sensitive touch pad screen
  • It locks automatically
  • It is easy to install
  • Uses double authentication
  • It launches into defense mode by creating a warning sound
  • It has a power bank backup
  • It uses a fake PIN code feature


  • Uses master functions such as fingerprint, password, card sets
  • Alerts with a voice sound and LED light when batteries are down
  • It is accurate and fast
  • It has a sensitive touch pad screen
  • It has user -friendly access


  • Batteries are required

Criteria Used for Evaluation


The security of our belongings depends on the door lock we use. The door locks listed above are tested and trusted to solve all your security difficulties majorly forced entry or break ins.


When door locks are not strong they can be easily picked, these door locks are strong and durable.


As technology has made life a whole lot easier, the selected door locks are advanced and improved for our comfort. We don't need to worry about our door locks getting broken by burglars and people invading our privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my phone is not compatible with Alexa?
A:You can use Google assistant, Siri or any other voice app.
Q: What if the lock malfunctions?
A:Most lock comes with extra keys for situations like that.
Q: How do I fix locks?
A:Mist of the locks are easy to install but in situations where you can’t install it, seek the service of a locksmith.
Q: How do I determine the handling for a lock?
A:To determine the handing for a door lock, stand outside the building facing the door, if the hinges are the left side of the four the door is left and vice versa.
Q: What is the thickness of a standard door?
A:Most doors are 1- ⅜ “or 1-¾ “. Most standard hardware manufacturers have extension kits or will build a lock to fit a thickness over 2 inches. A typical residential door is 1 – ⅜” thick and exterior door is 1- ¾” interior and exterior commercial doors are usually 1-¾” thick.
Q: What is a deadlock latch bolt?
A:A higher security latch bolt incorporating a plunger that is held in a retracted position when the door is closed, deterring it from being slipped open (by a credit card) usually on keypad lever and knobs.

FINAL WORDS: Safety is a major interest when it comes to our homes. As useful as doors are they cannot be useful
without door locks since they can be easily opened. The smart door locks listed above are guaranteed
to give value for money. Get these quality door locks on Amazon.

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